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 re-tire-ment [ri-tahyuh r-muh nt]

 noun: life after the rat race


Planning for Retirement

When you’re 20, retirement seems far far away.  Even when you’re 30 or 40 it seems a distant destination.  But anyone over 45 knows…it comes upon you more quickly than you anticipated.  So we do some "anticipating"--aka Retirement Planning.



Caught in Between

More and more people in their 50's are either being let go or encouraged to "retire early."  This puts them in a tough place financially.  It may be too early for penalty-free withdrawals from their IRA's.  It's too early for social security benefits.  And it's often too late, in this economy, to find a comparable replacement job.  It is critical to have a plan to safely navigate this "in between" time. 


Living in Retirement

When you’re IN retirement, your primary focus is having enough income to do and take care of the things you need and want to do.  Sometimes retirement is carefree and wonderful.  Sometimes it is tough emotionally, health-wise or financially.  Whatever your circumstances, we are there for you.  Most likely you'll be in retirement for at least 25 years.  So planning and investing are still important. 










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