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We are Independent

Since we are not employees of a financial institution or an insurance company, we are free to choose which investment advice and which types of financial products to recommend to our clients.  We are not subject to anyone’s production quotas.

Our loyalty is first and foremost to our clients.

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As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional we have a duty and desire to follow a strict code of ethics.  Not only are advisors required to complete ethics continuing education courses but also consistently enact the principles set forth in the Codes of Ethics.  The CFP® Board strictly enforces its high standards, and we enthusiastically comply.

We are a Registered Investment Advisor


Tuggle & Russell, LLC is registered with the State of Texas as a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA).  That means we are permitted by the State of Texas to charge a fee for financial advice.  As an RIA, we have a legal obligation to act as a “fiduciary” meaning that we must place our clients’ interests above our own. 

Our advisors are registered as Investment Advisor Representatives and have passed the FINRA administered securities exam.  Tuggle & Russell, LLC is required to submit annual filings with the State of Texas and we are subject to unannounced audits.  You may see our filings by going to

We are Fee-Based

That means our primary compensation is from fees we charge for our advice, expertise and time.  If a client needs a particular insurance product, we are free to recommend or evaluate policies from any insurance carrier.  Lois Russell is a licensed insurance agent so there may be occasions when we may receive or share a commission from an insurance company if the client choses that product.   However, we have also made recommendations for which we received no commission at all—it was just the best choice for our client.  Whether or not we receive a commission is not the focus of our decisions—what’s best for the client is our focus.

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