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 plan-ning [plan-ning}

 verb:  Anticipating how the parts involved will interact before taking action


We take a holistic approach to financial planning.  Each financial action can have a good or bad effect on your taxes, your retirement, your capacity to deal with an emergency or catastrophe, your debt level, your ability to comfortably live day to day, your ability to splurge from time to time, your ability to help others, your ability to build wealth, your ability to do what you want to do.  So it is worth it to look—anticipate—plan for your  whole financial reality, rather than one specific aspect. 




Planning, Review and Consultation




“Sometimes new clients wonder why we ask so many questions about so many different things.  It’s because no financial issue operates in isolation.  You know that song you sang as a kid, ‘…the footbone’s connected to the anklebone; the anklebone’s connected to the legbone’…well that same thought process applies to your “financial body.”    Your stock portfolio is connected to your taxes; your taxes are connected to your emergency fund; your emergency fund is connected to your insurance…you get the point."    --Lois Russell 



Superior service



re-view [reh-vyoo]

verb:  to inspect in light of current circumstances


The pessimist complains about the wind.

The optimist expects it to change.

The realist adjust the sails.  

--William Arthur Ward


From time to time it is wise to inspect what you already have to see if any adjustments need to be made in order to move forward successfully.


 con-sul-ta-tion [con-suhl-ta-shun]

 noun:  a meeting to discuss a specific issue


Ever need to think out loud with someone?  Sometimes you just need someone to listen and give insightful feedback.  Googling topics on the internet is fine…to a point.  But no amount of “information” can replace a human conversation with an experienced professional who is focused solely on your best interests.

"Let our advance worrying become advance

thinking and planning."  --Winston Churchill

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